Our Partners

PM Tutoring offers specialized tutoring for standardized tests (SAT and ACT). Our tutors are experts on test prep strategy and quickly determine areas for improvement to provide the most positive impact on standardized test scores.

Our team also provides tutoring for regular school subjects and teaches them at a fundamental level so a student not only knows what to do, but understands why they are doing it.

Our mission transition program helps students acclimate to high school from middle school. We teach students how to build the core principles they need to excel in high school.

PM Tutoring is proud to be a Founding Member of the National Test Prep Association. Our Director, Pranoy Mohapatra, sits on the board and is working to ensure that the test prep industry maintains high standards of quality and ethics.

For further information about PM Tutoring, please visit www.pmtutoring.com

Chariot Learning offers expert individualized SAT & ACT instruction and academic coaching for high school students from Upstate New York to everywhere else in the world. We also deliver outstanding expert GRE prep. Chariot Learning has been helping students earn the kind of scores that amaze parents and impress colleges since 2009. Our team of dedicated educators combines deep experience, content knowledge, and a proven professional program with the latest advances in online instruction to help our students learn quickly, efficiently, and effectively. If you can imagine a feature your dream test prep program employs, we probably use it… and teach it to other educators!

Chariot Learning is led by Mike Bergin, a nationally recognized and respected leader in education. Mike is also the founding President of the National Test Prep Association, co-host of the popular Tests and the Rest college admissions podcast, creator of the SAT/ACT TestFlip self-study program, and consulting trainer for ACT, Inc.

Edison Prep provides SAT and ACT test preparation via private tutoring and group classes and has assisted over 18,500 students since 2011. Brian and Silvia Eufinger, the founders of Edison Prep, personally teach all of the SAT and ACT group classes and do private tutoring alongside a small team of highly experienced and personally trained tutoring experts who have 2,000+ hours of experience!

Edison Prep’s goal is simple: to help students get more selective colleges and save families money while doing so.

Edison Prep is proud to be a founding member of the National Test Prep Association and is frequently invited to speak about test prep, college admissions, and scholarships at high schools and national education conferences. They are sought-after guests on podcasts about education and cutting the cost of college.

For additional information, please visit www.edisonprep.com.

Sexton Test Prep is a family-run business that has been providing one-on-one and small group test preparation and academic tutoring services to students in Metrowest Boston since 2005. We specialize in SAT/ACT for college applicants and SSAT/ISEE for secondary school applicants, but our talented staff of 18 can provide tutoring in nearly all school subjects, as well, from AP Physics to French. We provide tutoring both in-person (near Boston) and virtually.

We pride ourselves on the tutoring and teaching experience of our staff, many of whom have been with us for four years or more. Our staff is filled with teachers, professors, doctoral candidates, and professional tutors with thousands of hours of experience and hundreds of documented score improvements and happy families. These proven educators are heavily invested in the success of our students.

Ben, the owner, has been an SAT/ACT tutor since 2003. Since then, he has written complete guides to SAT and ACT used by all of our tutors, and he has written SAT, ACT, and SSAT/ISEE class curriculums, as well, all while tutoring full-time and amassing nearly 20000 hours of tutoring experience. Using these curriculums, we have partnered with numerous local schools and programs to bring SAT/ACT prep to a wider audience through classes, both in-person and virtual. Please contact us about how we might be able to set up a class for you, or how you could join one of our existing classes.

We provide our clients with an honest, straightforward, and successful tutoring experience. To learn more, reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.sextontestprep.com

StudyLark Test Prep provides personalized individual tutoring nationwide. We specialize in LSAT and SAT preparation, as well as other graduate and college admissions tests such as GMAT, GRE, and ACT.

StudyLark aims to help you achieve mastery more quickly with our modern, well-researched curriculum. Our tutoring program blends real tests, specialized drills, robust teaching content, and expert instruction to get you to your goal. We aim to create an effective and efficient test prep experience so you can achieve your best on the exam and get on with the rest of your life.

StudyLark Test Prep was founded by David Lynch. For over 20 years, David has been not just a tutor but the author of multiple books about standardized tests and a researcher of test content, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of expertise. As part of his research-based approach, he has performed a thorough analysis of every test question administered this century and continually updates materials to reflect the latest test administrations.

StudyLark Test Prep is a proud member of the National Test Prep Association, which is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and promoting best practices in the test prep industry. For additional information, visit www.studylark.com.

Founded in 2013, North Avenue Education is a Portland-based tutoring company specializing in individuated test preparation (incl. SAT, ACT, and GRE), academic tutoring (incl. AP and IB), and application support. We believe every student can be prepared for a vibrant future.

A holistic approach to pedagogy guides our team of accomplished tutors and intuitive support staff to ensure an exceptional experience for every student. Our rigorous programs and proven methods empower students to take charge of their learning, cultivating curiosity and a yearning for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

To learn more or consult with our team of experts, visit northaveeducation.com.

CHART YOUR COURSE An Uncommon Approach to Career Building

by Dorothy Billingsly Rado and Joel Rado

Empowering Students to Take Charge of Their Careers 

 CYC is written by senior executives with a combined 60 years of experience in the corporate, academia, and executive search spheres. This author duo provides readers with the road map, how-to steps and guidance to aim high, along with the greatest gift of all – the ability to embrace and enjoy the journey every step of the way. This all-in-one masterful guide to career building and job search used in executive coaching and taught to thousands of high school and university students across America, has been expanded and honed to fuel inner passions to help students attain a lifetime of meaningful career success. 

Within Chart Your Course Second Edition you will find: 

  • The all-inclusive, A to Z, practical building block approach to career building and job search. 
  • Gems of wisdom, mind expanding exercises, and time-proven techniques to be used over a lifetime that will assist students in distinguishing themselves. 
  • Self-Branding “How-to” steps and take-aways: a career ready resume, interviewing “Dos and Don’ts,” the twelve steps to networking, and developing a social media plan. 
  • New in-depth chapters on Communication, Career Development and Job Search Plans, over 30 career building and job seeker strategies, along with resume and interviewing check lists, plus more. 
  • Introspective guidance to identify and maximize hard, soft and transferable skills vital for getting the job and promotions. 
  • Individual chapter testimonials and success stories of students and careerists who wish they had had CYC earlier in their careers.  

Join us in building a bridge together from where you are to where you want to be.

Available at Kendall Hunt Publishing: https://he.kendallhunt.com/cyc
Learn more at: www.chartyourcourse.net