Become the Dog Star™ Program

Program Purpose

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is also known as the Dog Star; Dave’s leadership development program aims to help students shine in the marketplace and reach their desired personal and professional dreams. The program is all about enhancing student success by preparing them to be college and career ready.

Program Outline

Become the Dog Star™ was created from extensive feedback from Dave’s highly successful students over the past 30 years as well as input from hiring managers and senior executives from a variety of career fields. The program outline is as follows:

Module 1: How to Build Outstanding Professional Networks in College

  • Strategies for Maximizing Academic and Career Opportunities with Faculty
  • Step Ahead – Strategies for Effective Peer Engagement
  • How to Create Meaningful Career Opportunities in Partnership with Campus Career Services
  • How to Strategically Engage College Alumni
  • How to Develop a Network of Outstanding Mentors in College and Beyond
  • How to Engage Professionally on Social Media – The Importance of LinkedIn

Module 2: How to Acquire Critical Leadership Skills and Knowledge in College

  • How to Leverage Coursework to Enhance Future Opportunities
  • Learning Outside the Classroom – The Importance of Alternative Credentials to Stand Out in the Marketplace
  • Strategic Course Selection Techniques
  • College 101 – Tips for Success
  • Follow Your Passion Discussion
  • How to Brand and Market the Unique You

Program Outcomes

Upon program completion, students will: 1) learn one-of-a-kind differentiation tactics to stand out from the competition in their future academic and career pursuits; 2) discover how to develop and leverage their professional network to enhance future opportunities; and 3) understand how to acquire the critical skills and knowledge needed for effective leadership in the 21st century marketplace. Dave helps his clients develop a differentiation mentality™.

Program Timing and Cost

The ideal time to complete Become the Dog Star™ is before a student starts college. The program is customized to the college or university selected by the student. Our aim is to have students implement what they learned in the program the day they step foot on campus. The customized online program is 2 hours and costs $300.

For additional information, please contact Dave at [email protected].


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